Today is Reset the Net Day

Let’s be honest, the NSA, and by extension the United States government, is out of control. Today is Reset the Net day, an attempt to raise awareness about the insidious problem of government mass surveillance on innocent citizens – and to fight back.

Bottom line, if the NSA targets you for surveillance, you’re screwed. This fact has been agreed on by experts in the industry. However, if you’re just the average citizen who expects some basic privacy, you can fight back. How? Start encrypting everything, that’s how.

You can read more about this effort at the Reset the Net site, which contains helpful hints about what you can do. Soon you will also be able to encrypt your phone calls. You can already browse the net securely. Let’s force the NSA to do targeted surveillance, rather than a dragnet.

I have already started. The server this site runs on is running a Tor relay that pumps 150GB of encrypted and anonymous traffic through it, and you can find out more about how to do that yourself, or simply just use Tor for 100% anonymous browsing.

This site is also now runs SSL everywhere with Forward Secrecy and HTTP Strict Transport Security – graded A+ by SSL Labs. Sure, these things are probably not going to stop the NSA targeting you or me, but you can browse this site completely securely and it’s another encrypted connection to cut down on the surveillance dragnet.