Mill St. Brew Hall biggest pub in TO?

I am moving down to the Distillery District very soon and am very excited. My condo building is attached to the Mill St. Brew Pub, which is pretty well known and respected in Toronto. Interestingly, the Mill St. Brewery have expanded into the ground floor of the Condo with a new bar – the Mill St. Beer Hall.

From outside, it looks pretty small, kind of sports bar-esque: TV’s above the bar, high bar tables, etc. We followed the hostess inside and then turned the corner and were blown away. It literally is a beer hall – the largest pub I have ever seen. That’s also aside from the Brew Pub, which is connected via a stone-paved hallway! Anyway, we walked and walked and eventually got to our table. I would estimate it is around 4 times the size of the Brew Pub next door, and actually stretches all the way under the condo building so I’m wondering if there is a private entrance for residents…

The beer menu is pretty large and has more selection than the pub next door if memory serves me correctly. There must be at least 20 types of beer on the menu. We ordered some beer and as we were sitting there next to the window taking it in, we noticed the under-construction patio. This thing stretches the entire length of the beer hall and you can’t see it from the front at all. Upon querying our server, a cool British dude called Rob from West Sussex, we were informed it should have a 150-person capacity and it was opening at the end of May (around this area everything is under construction).

Aside from that, the beer hall has been open for 3 weeks and was a hive of activity, I would say 70% full, and there was a loud buzz. They still have some things to iron out though – the menu leaves something to be desired, and the quality the food was sub par. We ordered a Bacon Jam appetizer and sent it back as it was so drastically different from what we expected from the menu and didn’t even taste good – a melted pot of jam and cheese with 4 slices of french bread for $14. Uhm no. The oven flatbread with Chorizo sausage, mozzarella and salsa with guacamole crème fraîche was passable – but again, toppings were sparse, it was very “bready” and over-priced at $16. The flatbread things at 3 Brewers on Yonge St are way better.

The overall verdict was the food was way better at the Brew Pub, but if you’re interested TheBuzzToronto has posted their menu and some pics. I can’t imagine what this place is going to be like in the summer when the patio is open and drinking season is in full swing – let’s hope they get their kitchen in order before then.

Going to be a crazy summer living above a ginormous beer hall…

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