Pizza Hut Canada’s new online ordering sucks

I admit it, I like pizza. When I eat pizza, I usually go to Pizza Hut because of their delicious stuffed crust. Usually I would order online because I don’t particularly like talking to someone on the phone, and can take my time to order what I want and see the different options. In the last week, Pizza Hut has launched a new Canadian e-commerce site.

I’m going to throw out there that the launch of this product is one of the worst I have ever seen, both in the launch and execution of the new product, and in the new site’s user experience. From start the end, from logging on to picking up my pizza, the experience was diabolical. How so?

1. Not migrating accounts

When I get to the website, I have to create a new account and re-enter all my personal information. Seriously Pizza Hut, what multi-national company does not migrate the accounts of its own customers from one e-commerce system to another? I have to start from scratch, entering my personal information? Really?

2. The user experience is crap

New website are generally supposed to be better than those they replace, not worse. I go to the homepage and am asked whether I want delivery or pickup. Fine, great. However, clicking on one of those buttons expands the login dialogue down off the bottom of the page. This form would easily fit in the window if it was moved up. Sloppy.

Login Page

Next problem is that the entire pre-ordering user interface is within the dialogue box on the screen. Why? Why are you asking me for my location, my full address, to select my store – all in an on-page dialogue box that I constantly have to scroll within? The last step of this UI disaster is the following page:

Pay Now button

The messaging on this screen does not make sense from a user experience perspective. There is one button labelled Pay Now at the bottom of the screen, yet I have not even selected what I want to order yet. Lacking no choice except the Pay Now button, I click on it.

Next, I’m greeted with a menu of sorts. I want to order a pizza, so let’s look at the options. I have the option to select a particular pizza, or to create my own. Before, it was easy to select the type of pizza you wanted. I could select stuffed crust, half Hawaiian and half Supreme – all with one click for each option from the same page. It was obvious what was on what side, and I could even customise each half separately by adding or removing ingredients. I really don’t care what my pizza looks like, and I’d trade a fancy looking graphic that shows me what it will (not really) look like for some actual usability.

New Ordering Page

Above is the new ordering page. This is much worse. Why?

  1. I have to click multiple times – 3 times in fact, on a small right arrow to get the stuffed crust I want. This was a one-click operation before. I cannot see all the options at a glance. Same with the sauce.
  2. Before I could select a type of pizza (e.g. Supreme) and then change the other half to Hawaiian with one click. Now, I have to customize the entire pizza. This is more difficult than before, requiring me to remove the ingredients that are not on both sides and manually add them back to just one side. Before, I could just click left or right side under the specific menu item and it would update. With the new site, the menu item is removed from the menu on the left once it is added. Fail.
  3. If I don’t want to do the above, I can order a custom pizza. This just gives me the same screen, but with nothing on the pizza. Fine. However, before I could just select half A, half B from this screen and have my pizza in two clicks. These options are gone on the new site, requiring me to now remember what is on each side of my pizza and manually adding each ingredient. Fail.

When I’m finally done this, I add it to my cart. This is consistent with a regular checkout process, showing the cart total as a verification step before finally submitting the order. Best page I’ve seen so far. Placing my order tells me 14 minutes until ready for pickup. Great.

Sadly my complaints with the new ordering system are not quite over.

3. The buttons

Buttons are a very basic UI element on websites. Look at the big read buttons in the first two screens on this page. Do they look like buttons? Yes. Are they clickable like buttons? No. This site was built so that only the text on the button is clickable. So it’s not actually a button, it’s a text link on the background of a button – leading to many misclicks as users try to click on an unclickable button.

This is such a basic mistake, and is especially bad given this is released on a new product launched by a large company like Pizza Hut. Come on guys, did you even conduct user acceptance or QA testing?

4. The kicker

Yes, there really is a kicker – even after all that. I’m hungry, more so by the fact that the Pizza Hut ordering experience was so mentally draining and frustrating. I arrive at the store and the conversation goes something like this.

Me: “Hi, I’m here to pick up for Frank.”

Lady: “Erm, we have no pickup orders right now”

Me: “Well I just ordered it online like I always do” [Thinking “Oh.My.God.Fucking website”]

Lady: “Nope, no pickup orders.”

Me: “Well, ordered it and it said 15 minutes. Do you think it has something to do with the new website you guys have just launched?”

Lady: “New website, I don’t know about any new website. Our website is”

Me: “Right….okay I want a blah blah blah”

Like fucking seriously Pizza Hut? After that shitty experience, the order doesn’t even get sent through? Talk about an epic failure in a product launch.

5. The icing on the pizza (cake)

I was curious. I wanted to see whether their old site was up while writing this  blog post so I could show you before and after screenshots, but it was not. Or even whether I could order through the old site and still get a pizza. But no, instead what the geniuses had done was redirect the old website to a non-existent page on

Yes, they actually redirected their old ordering system to a 404.

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29 thoughts to “Pizza Hut Canada’s new online ordering sucks”

  1. One of the biggest problems with the website is that you HAVE to log in to view it. It will not let you simply browse, you have to be signed in. Then you are forced to choose whether it’s a delivery or pick up. The big problem here is that many areas weren’t even available on the old website for online ordering, and still aren’t. Which means if you’re in the wrong area, you can’t even see what’s available or check out what deals are going on.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Robert, and that is indeed another usability problem that you have pointed out.

      It sounds like the website is geo-restricted with no forethought for people that want to order pickup outside the delivery areas. Very poor use case planning indeed.

  2. Definitely one of the worst executions of a new site I’ve seen. The order process went from brain dead simple, and fast, to confusing, and slow.

    I *used* to be able to order a pizza in less than a couple of minutes, and not have to create an account, now the account is forced, the site itself is extremely slow in responding, and given your pick up experience, I’m worried it’s not going to get here.

  3. Just tried to order some Pizza as well because I kinda get tired of Dominos and PizzaPizza. So I thought something new would be good. But this website is so bad I cannot even start describing it. Whenever I go to “Delivery” it doesn’t find the store that about blocks from my house. So I have to go to Pickup and choose the store there. And whenever I wanna order a deal it always opens a new browser tab. So if I already have something in my cart it gets deleted in the new tab…
    Thanks for this article Frank! Haven’t went as far as ordering yet. They probably would not have had my order ready anyways just like in your case.
    Back to Dominos (which I think has an awesome website and ordering system!)

  4. The new website is terrible, the first time I tried ordering from the new site it said something went wrong with my order, so I just decided to make some food my self.

    Half way through cooking my food, I get an email receipt from pizzahut and now I have a bunch of food I’m not going to eat… Worst experience ever.

    On top of the disfunctional ordering system, the website is a complete pain in the ass, giving you multiple very slow screens on login instead of one quick login screen like it used to be.
    All input on the site can take anywhere from one to five seconds to respond, making the many multiple screens you have to go through a chore

  5. Worst online menu website i have ever visited!! Each time I decide to order pizza, I visit Pizza Hut’s website and after 30 seconds of annoyance, I give up and go to panago. Unbelievable that a multi-nat corp could have such a horrible e-commerce platform.

  6. on line ordering from pizza hut is so horrible i finally quit and ordered from pizza 73. sooo much easier and simpler and great service at the door when they delivered it at the specific time.

  7. Totally agree – another case of taking something useful and making it a waste of time. If ordering a pizza takes more than 2-3 min or just getting a price for it – there is something wrong.

    Pizza Hut – if you spent money on the UI design – u should try to get a refund. Next time maybe ask customers what they need or want, and match that to your business reqs.

    Going to Greco.

  8. Pizza Hut, you have just lost 1 customer. I refuse to order pizza from you until this website is fixed. I will not be treated like a dog.

    The problem for me is not listing prices, even after I choose my store, until the order is completed. This is an obvious ploy to try and get us to just add what we want and perhaps be more willing to spend the extra money once we realize we’d have to subtract something we wanted to get within our initial price range.

    Well I hope for your sake there are enough idiots to fall for it. I certainly won’t be one. Time to go to a pizza company that isn’t playing psychological games with me to that extent.

  9. i tryed to order the $15 box deal when i picked my last thing and clicked finish it just went to home page wtf

  10. Your absolutely RIGHT, thank YOU!!! I just had the worst experience ordering online in two minutes ago. In the end result i was not even able to get a %$#! ORDER in at all!
    Pizza Hut you have just LOST another customer among many I presume.

  11. Some ONE should send this GREAT informative article to Pizza Hut headquarters, that is if they will even LOOK at it ; not to mention listen and learn from IT! for future sakes!
    SORRY for my constant rambling , I guess am just PISS!!!!




  13. I just ordered a $15 box meal plus the $30 box meal (5 kids and 4 adults). Not only was it extremely difficult to place the order, I also confirmed the pizza toppings before submitting it. Did I get three pizzas that I ordered? Not a chance. All three came as plain cheese pizzas. Then, when I called the location to let them know that something “might” be amiss with the online system I got attitude and was told in a very snarky voice that they can’t do anything about online orders. To their credit, once I asked to speak to her supervisor to discuss the poor attitude and horrible costumer service, i was treated much much better!

  14. I’m in Canada. I tried to order two ‘deal’ pizzas “Classic Triple Crown’ and ‘Classic Hawaiian’. In three attempts, the cart prices were either more or less than the deal. As I added/removed items in the card, the prices in the cart changed!

    Additionally, a ‘non-classic’ (not deal) Triple Crown would have the correct price in the cart, but is it the same pizza? Talk about ambiguity.

    Two times I encountered an ‘error’ and was returned to the home page having to start all over. Is the site’s code so poor at math that things fail?

    Thought I’d try something different for a change, but Panago it is. Review their system Pizza Hut if you need an example of a well done online ordering experience.

  15. is the world’s worst website, I swear. Their devs have been running amok, dabbling with Angular to get it on their resumes. Meanwhile the code they’re pushing to production is completely untested crap.

    Right now I have spent probably half an hour testing it out, in utter amazement that nothing works. You can’t order because “geocode service is down”. Wow. You can’t create an account because “passwords don’t match”. Uh, they do. Unbelievable. How anybody can push this crap to production, on a major website that drives sales, is beyond me.

    Finally I give up tinkering, and decide to order on the phone. And there is no phone number on the website!!

    At this point I think they were hacked.

  16. I hate you pizzahut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate you for wasting my time and pissing me off while trying to place an order on your god awful site… screw you

  17. f–k uuuuu pizza hut. i try to order online and took me ten mins to fill out b.s then it wont let me order .so I try couple of times 30min. wasted my time when I hungury and the ten guests I have over. pizza hut piss off and screw u hope u lose all your customers

  18. wow pizza hut is worth millions. and cant fix a $10 website. it such a simple job. hope they go bankrupt. and lose there customers. sorry to everyone but pizza hut pissed me off. I do not say this because im bored or anything. just had a bad experience with this very frustrating . stupid pizza hut. sorry again all !!

  19. Totally agreed. The new website makes it impossible to make an order online, and eventually gave up on pizzahut and went for pizzapizza, although we loved pizzahut better than PP, since our impressions on pizzahut are from where we come from – Asia, and they are amazing there.

  20. Ya well they have recently changed the website online ordering AGAIN. At least in july i could get the toppings i wanted and how i wanted them on the pizza. Now, lost f-ing cause. I’ve contacted them through their website cause cusstomer service is SO IMPORTANT TO THEM. Biggest load of crap out of a company i’ve heard in 2 days. So i tried using twitter contacting the @pizzahutcanada page and surprise surprise no responce. You offer $10 online ONLY offers. Problem is NOW i cant double the tomatoes and green peppers and eliminate the damn mushrooms. I could in july but october i cant. And if i call or walk in for a pizza i cant get the $10 deal because i didnt order online. Losers!! Get your shit together with a system thats easy and user friendly. Its really NOT that hard. I’ll go order from another pizza site to prove it!!

  21. Their website is fucked up now, holy shat. I was gonna order from them, but instead ordered from someone else with an actual working website. After I went through the process of the website forcing me to change my password, I ended up just closing the page because you can’t even click the buttons. They just don’t work for me on chrome.

  22. Some problems ordering pizza online – at one time Dominos had a 2 for 1 deal online; was unable to order different toppings on each pizza and of course they would only honour the deal online. Ordered from somewhere else that day – likely Gino’s – which is closest to me and has the phone call go directly to the local store and has a pretty good pizza at a half decent price without any special deals.

    Pizza Hut in the past occasionally have had problems with the site loading up and being unable to login.

    Recently got a Toppers Pizza in town. Only problem with them was the grand total on the site and in the email they sent me was more than it should have been. The call centre (when I called back) and the local store when I picked the pizza up had the correct amount.

    In general, but especially when the website aren’t working properly (discount codes not working, deals not working, incorrect totals, etc.) these pizza companies should honour any online deals either over the phone or at the store front.

  23. This is the first and last time I’m ordering from Pizza Hut online. I phoned my parents to get me the Triple Treat box but it turns out you have to order it online, that’s when shit hits the fan. I live out in the country and wasted time fiddling around with the stupid location page to no avail(of fucking course!) and I’m getting blamed for it all. It’s been over 5 fucking years; they have not fixed squat. Fuck. You. Pizza. Hut!

  24. I totally agree that there new site sucks. If they want people to not order from somewhere else they need to go back to the old site

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