Stride for iPhone: cool gesture unlock app, but not quite there yet

I stumbled across Stride for iPhone this morning while waking up at 6am… It’s a cool new app that is available on the Cydia App Store if you have a jailbroken phone, and it provides gesture unlock.

To be really useful, this needs to replace my pin code entry – there is no point having this and then having to enter the pin code (which is one option).

As GottaBe Mobile says:

The feature is similar to what Google offers users of its platform, but goes beyond what is available on the Android operating system where users must confine their drawings by connecting any of 9 dots arranged in a grid. With Stride, users can draw anywhere on the screen–no dots to connect.

Sadly, the recognition is not particularly accurate, and is actually insecure in some cases. I tested the app using a gesture similar to the F from my signature, yet drawing a circle on the screen would sometimes unlock my phone. The Android method of connecting through 9 specific dots on a grid is more secure.

Now that I’m tired of mistyping my pin code and am into the whole gesture unlock thing, I think I’m going to give StyleUnlock a try…

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