Unpaid internships must be destroyed

Matt Bors, Political cartoonist for Medium, has published an excellent cartoon/infographic on how Unpaid internships must be destroyed, and encourages interns to “file their lawsuit today”. I couldn’t agree more, so check it out below.

In other news, Toronto lawyer Andrew Langille stepped in after reading my previous blog post about internships and Anokhi Media, and has offered his assistance – thanks Andrew, hope you can make an example of them and stamp out the practice in Canada.

Unpaid Internships Must Be Destroyed

Unpaid Internships Must Be Destroyed

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One thought to “Unpaid internships must be destroyed”

  1. Great little comic strip, especially the statistics about how many people get jobs with and without internships. I also think that this practice has been very taken advantage of. I heard about Sheryl Sandberg’s office asking for an unpaid intern and I was outraged at the hypocrisy. Thanks for sharing

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