Windows Phone 7 to “eclipse” iOS by 2015?

In my daily FirceMobileContent update there was in interesting story today entitled “iSuppli: Windows Phone on pace to eclipse Apple’s iOS in 2015“.

If we are to believe this, then by then Windows Phone will have overtaken iOS in operating system market share, and will be second to Android. Hmmm.

Currently the market looks like this:

OS Share of Smartphone Sales

Windows Phone is at what, 3%? Negligible anyway – and has been declining for years.

The iSuppli projection looks like this:

iSuppli market share

According to iSuppli, Windows phone will be just above iOS by 2015, which I find hard to believe as Apple has been able to innovate a lot more than Nokia and Microsoft combined. But hey, maybe without Steve Jobs that will end?

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