Frank W

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Hello! I’m Frank, and I specialize in assisting businesses in embracing the rapidly advancing world of technology through digital transformations.

Currently, I reside and work in the heart of Toronto as a Consultant and Agile Coach, which involves guiding teams and organizations to enhance their business agility by implementing evolutionary change practices. This approach enables them to better connect with their customers and focus on rapidly generating value for customers.

To stay up-to-date with industry developments, I continuously expand my professional knowledge and skills. I hold Kanban KCP (2020) and KMP (2019), along with Pragmatic Marketing PMC-VI (2017) certifications.

I am also a cofounder of esims.AI, a B2C AI-driven eSIM discovery platform.

Professional Interests

  • Agile Consulting and Coaching
  • Digital Product Management
  • Kanban and Service Delivery
  • Business Agility and Change Management
  • User Experience & User Centred Design
  • Lean Startup & Design Thinking
  • Agile Leadership and Mindset
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Mobile Technology and eSIM connectivity

Personal Interests

  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology
  • Investing, Capital Markets and Wealth Management
  • Personal Development and Psychology
  • Reading (love my Kindle!)
  • Motorcycles (I ride a Yamaha R3)
  • DIY & Home Improvement Projects
  • Linux, Programming, Web Design
  • Winter: Snowboarding, Gym
  • Summer: Kickball, Tennis, Cycling, Hiking, Camping