Hello and welcome to my personal website.

My name is Frank and I help companies to bring greater value to their customers, more quickly than before. I currently live and work in downtown Toronto, Canada.

My career spans software development, business analysis, digital product management and start-ups – and most recently, Agile consulting and coaching. I’m now well positioned to facilitate companies in increasing agility, and to lead evolutionary change efforts. My passion is helping teams to truly become more Agile, optimize their way of working, get close to the customer, and solve real-world problems with innovative digital solutions that delight customers.

I currently work as an Agile Coach and consultant with the awesome folks at Agile By Design, coaching and enabling teams and organizations to deliver value more quickly and consistently through adopting agile mindsets, techniques and practices.

I’m a life-long learner and love thinking about new things and increasing my skills. Currently, I’m learning about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, which I’m sure will change the world in the future. I also keep my professional knowledge and skills current, and in 2019 became KMP certified. Before that in 2017, I did a deep dive into product management training, and became PMC-VI certified.

Professional Interests

  • Product Management
  • Kanban and Service Delivery
  • Agile Software Development and Agile Culture
  • User Experience, User Centred Design, User Empathy
  • LEAN Startup
  • Tech Start-ups
  • AI and Machine Learning

Personal Interests

  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology
  • Personal development and the psychology of success
  • Snowboarding
  • Kickball
  • Reading (love my Kindle!)
  • Motorcycles
  • Home improvement projects

Invitation to you

I’m always looking to broaden my personal and professional skills and knowledge, and would love to connect with you to do just that. Send me an invite today on LinkedIn!