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Goodbye Ubiquiti, Hello Qotom & OPNsense


I have been using Ubiquiti UniFi gear as my home networking equipment for a few years now, but have recently become pretty frustrated at the quality of the releases and pace of development by Ubiquiti – and I am not the only one, their forums and Reddit are filled with complaints. The UniFi USG seems […]

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Traefik 2 Dashboard

Traefik 2.0 upgrade with Docker Compose


So apparently I wasn’t the only one who woke up one day to find everything offline because Traefik 2 had been released with breaking changes because I was running Watchtower and using the Traefik:latest tag. I was also not the only one to quickly try and fix the issue, but Traefik 2 was quite a […]

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TV Show List

How to create your own streaming TV service


Update: This post is out-dated and parts of it have been updated by Fully automated media centre using Flexget, emby, Trakt and IMDb. I’m not really someone who watches most of the stuff on TV – I watch specific TV shows that interest me, the occasional movie, and I would watch news, documentary and some […]

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Network cabinet

Beanfield FTTH – 2 month review and technical details


Update May 2020: I am no longer a Beanfield customer despite living at the same address, and now recommend and use FibreStream. Around a month ago I posted a 1 month review of Beanfield’s 50/50 FTTH Internet service, along with some technical details and some of my internal network configuration. Since then, there are a […]

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Beanfield Zhone

Beanfield 50/50 FTTH – 1 month review and details


NOTE: I have since posted an update to this blog post that corrects some of the technical aspects of the post, provides some further feedback from Beanfield, and points out some serious limitations of their service. You can read these updates in my 2 month review of Beanfield. It’s been roughly 1 month since Beanfield […]

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